Why Does My Tailbone Hurt When I Sit On Recliner?

Right below the sacrum, lies the final segment of the vertebrae, commonly known as either a tailbone or coccyx which in turn, is connected to a multitude of muscles and tendons, making it a pivotal part during an individual seating position.

This means it compensates for the weight of the body while balancing out the whole spinal cord, making it quite an underrated region and taking lesser credit than it would rather deserve.

As trivial as it may sound, understanding the importance of a Coccyx or tailbone is extremely important because even a minor injury could feel like a nightmare to deal with, otherwise, you will have to undergo numerous esoteric exercises and even surgeries to remove it altogether.

Otherwise, for all intents and purposes, regardless of the fact you are sitting on a traditional sofa or your flagship recliner, you can possibly harm it which will make you wonder “Why Does My Tailbone Hurt When I Sit On A Recliner?, Isn’t keeping your body comfortable the whole point of a recliner?”

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To find the answer to that question, let’s dig deeper down below.

Why Does My Tailbone Hurt When I Sit On Recliner? Potential Reasons

Although, highly unlikely, an apparent oversight would result in throbbing or stinging pain which feels like a thousand pins shoved in your back altogether, here are the possible culprits behind it.

1. Improper Cushioning

Not every recliner is made alike, just because the recliner you used at your grandma’s house felt comfortable and plushy doesn’t mean the one you bought had similar features.

In fact, it also depends on the tensile strength and the level of upholstery that is incorporated into a recliner. Furthermore, corner cutting due to lower price tags significantly reduces the fabric quality, which is why some recliners may look nice but have stiffer upholstery.

The lack of cushioning exacerbates the effects on your coccyx or your tailbone since the seat becomes deflated to the point that it ruptures the tendons within months of use which might interfere with the weight distribution aspect of the body.

2. Bruise Or Potential Trauma

We all have our inner child sprout out from time to time, especially during Adrenaline rushes that we receive while picking a pace during sports or simply flexing around in the gym.

While enjoying a momentary thriller such as scoring a goal on your rival team might be the best experience you may have, nevertheless, due to physical aging, our joints no longer hold up their integrity as they used to in the past.

In fact, a sudden pivot could cause trauma, blunt injury, or bruise in the form of micro-injuries that may abruptly hinder or even cause discomfort in our lives.

To make things worse, rather than being flared up right away, the pain and discomfort in your tailbone region are only highlighted whenever you are in a sitting position, which might make you ponder on the fact that your recliner might be the biggest culprit.

3. Spinal Support Issues

Slouching is the direct culprit behind joint and tissue degradation which will plague your body with an immense level of discomfort that arises especially in the tailbone region of the spinal cord.

Poor body posture will cause irreversible effects to the point of no return and only core strengthening exercises could possibly cure the problem.

4. Being Overweight

Although that delicious donut or chicken sandwich you may have had last night while watching your favorite TV show on Netflix felt amazing on your tastebuds, the dread you would experience after counting the calories might make you repulse even the thought of having it.

Not that there’s anything wrong with munching on a snack every now and then but gaining weight exponentially will certainly take a toll sooner than you would expect.

To make things worse, a recliner, even the best possible home decor for comfort, would fail to provide comfort, especially in your tailbone region.

5. Sedentary lifestyle

As anti-climatic as it may sound, a sedentary lifestyle virtually acts as a slow poison that rots away your muscles, tendons, and joints.

Our body works on the logic “Use it or Lose it”  and being idle usually results in losses on not just opportunities in life but also on your health.

Luckily, to reverse the effects the solution is rather simple, just hit the gym or go for a quick jog and make a brief active routine to keep your blood pumping that will eventually lead to a healthy tailbone.

6. Tumors Or Coccygeal Anomalies

Tumors or coccygeal anomalies are the bane of the spine that could arise due to a whole host of genetic or mutational issues.

If you feel like your tailbone is inflamed after sitting on a recliner even with a healthy lifestyle, it might be time to consult with your doctor, to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Luckily for you, most of the coccyx-related tumors can be surgically removed with minimal issues.

Bottom Line

The world of medicine has evolved to the point that there are ways you could get rid of a tailbone altogether through surgery, nevertheless, it’s best to follow the idiom ” prevention is better than cure”.

As for “Why does my tailbone hurt when I sit on a recliner?” Well, in my opinion, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to get to the bottom of this fiasco because most of the culprits and the solution for them mentioned above will provide relief in due time.