How To Hide The Back Of A Reclining Couch? [4 Best Ways]

If you have an obsessive-compulsive disorder like me, chances are you are always on the lookout to get the perfect blend for your home decor.

And regardless of the efforts and endeavors you put together for your furniture, there is always some form of cosmetic caveat that tends to rise up no matter your expertise on aesthetic skill set.

One particular instance that plagues your otherwise perfect living room is the abhorrence known as the back of a reclining couch. 

Luckily for you, this guide will act as a silver lining on how to hide the back of a reclining couch without putting much effort.

A Couple Of Things To Consider

To ensure a perpetual state of cosmetic coherence for your room and the recliner, here are a couple of tips you need to follow.

1. Mind The Size

In order to compensate for the back of your reclining couch and ensure it’s well hidden, you need to measure for both its length and width. 

Keep in mind that excess of everything can make everything look worse, so be mindful that anything you are willing to put behind your recliner is either too steep or too small.

2. Positioning Is The Key

Awkward positioning can also make your home decor look worse, try to position it in such a way that everything falls together like a “game of Tetris”. This will make your room look tidy and methodical and may even free up some space for better mobility.

Making your room look too congested also shows how little effort you are putting into it which gives off horrendous vibes that look borderline ugly.

3. Does It Blend?

Just because it fits and has the right size doesn’t warrant it being placed right behind your Sofa or recliner. Make sure you attain the correct shades or colors that blend in conjunction with the theme of your room as well as the reclining it is placed behind.

Try to choose a lighter-pigmented object of choice to ensure a higher chance of compatibility with the room you are organizing, so you are less likely to be prone to dealing with awkward shades that don’t blend together.

Workarounds On How To Hide The Back Of A Reclining Couch?

If you have reached this section of the article, it’s safe to assume for me that you have acknowledged the above information. Henceforth, let’s proceed.

1. Plants & Flower Vase

Tall plants and flower vases not only spice up your room’s atmosphere but also give off artistic vibes. Tall flower vases also tend to come in a variety of colors and designs so you won’t have to go through choose specific shades to blend it up with the theme of your room.

Moreover, they are easy to relocate, in case you decide to change your mind later on as it allows you to have routes of room to experiment.

Additionally, tall plants and flower vases don’t take up much space, in case you micromanage your room’s space and want better mobility across it.

The only potential downside of having plants in your room is that you may need to water them every now and then and they may also attract insects and mosquitos. In that case, opting out of artificial substitutes of plants may also be a much more favorable option.

2. Bookshelf

There is no better alternative than delivering a cunning message to the visitor of your room by letting them acknowledge the fact that you are an avid book reader. 

In hindsight, it also makes your room look cozy and casual and to top it off you also get to read novels in your leisure time. In other words, you don’t have to reach around while you relax on the recliner.

Furthermore, bookshelves don’t take up much space either and tend to have additional drawers and cupboards in case you want to keep your belongings.

3. Credenza

Ever used a credenza in your room? Those things are a work of art and truly a lifesaver if you are dealing with empty spaces behind the back of your recliner.

It’s versatile and multi-purpose and comes in shorter heights so that it can not only conceal the back of your recliner but also remain out of sight. 

Furthermore, you can also place lamps or any other decorative things such as candle holders or any other antique figurine to further enhance the vibes of your room and take your home decor game to a next level.

4. Room Divider

This might not be the optimal choice for every room, however, if you are planning to cover the back of your recliner or chesterfield, room dividers can work wonders, especially in scenarios if you want to create multiple sections in your rooms without causing a disturbance in its theme.

One of the biggest selling points for room dividers in this scenario is that, unlike a bookshelf or credenza, it doesn’t take up much space horizontally and creates visual barriers to the things you want to remain concealed behind.

This also acts as a privacy barrier and even offers fundamental functionalities such as cloth hangers etc.

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Bottom Line

Moving into a new apartment or house can be a daunting task especially if you are planning to stay there for a longer duration of time as you need to carefully plan out the homeware to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Keeping that in mind, the above-mentioned workaround or remedies will help you out on how to hide the back of a reclining couch. But make sure that you are mindful of the physical dimensions, otherwise, all your endeavors would be in vain.

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