How To Clean A Leather Recliner? – Complete Procedure

The value of home decor is measured by not just adding aesthetic value to the room that it is placed in but it is also known for the comfort ratio it provides to its owner.

Henceforth, when compared to the other set of chesterfield, a recliner is virtually considered a “crème de la crème” in its lineup and can be regarded as a throne to relieve stress because it is quite advanced in more than one way.

However, just because it has an edge over other traditional sofas and chairs by providing better lumbar support, flexible reclining as well as 360-degree swiveling movement, it plunges you to go through the endeavors of keeping up with its higher maintenance standards.

And by steeper standards, I meant to imply a rigorous cleaning routine and taking care of its fabric, like if it’s your newborn baby, especially if the fabric is made up of leather.

Nonetheless, if you are holding doubts about How To Clean A Leather Recliner, resort to my elaborate guide curated below.

A Couple Of Things You May Need 

  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Conditioner Designed To Clean Leather(Any Brand)
  • Vacuum Clean (Accessories Much Preferred)
  • Clean Water ( Luke Warm)
  • Lint Free Scrub
  • Some Patience ( Very Important)

Diagnosing Your Leather Type

As mentioned above, cleaning your Leather Recliner is no walk in the park because you need to be aware of the sort of leather you have at hand. Because leather recliners, in general, come in two types.

1. Aniline Leather

This one is basically considered the highest quality type of leather because it has no pigmentation or surface protection involved. In other words, it is presented to the masses in a natural form while having all sorts of blemishes, a natural leather would rather have.

Since it is not chemically treated, it lacks protection against cleaning soluble and even is highly susceptible to stains, dirt, or debris buildup.

Moreover, this form of leather is also a huge headache to deal with because you need tons of patience and skill in order to get rid of any stains it might have.

2. Pigmented Leather

Leather that is much more coarse with less supple texture but with the added benefit of being treated beforehand before being released to the consumer market.

Since it is a leather that is processed and has gone through multiple treatments, it certainly boasts an Artificial texture and is considerably more resistant to stains, and can also be cleaned easily.

To meet the demand & Supply of the general masses, more and more recliner manufacturers are inclining toward this type of leather because it is much more user-friendly and isn’t prone to fading out.

But the caveat here is that it feels stiff and rigid which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

How Would I Know Which Leather Recliner I Have?

It’s pretty straightforward, either resort to the manual provided by the manufacturer or simply look up its official website where it will have its leather type mentioned.

Steps On How To Clean A Leather Recliner?

If you have reached this point in the article, it’s safe for me to say that you have a general understanding of the type of leather recliner and are ready to proceed with the cleaning process.

1. Use The Microfiber Cloth

The first and foremost approach you need to follow is to utilize distilled lukewarm water and use the microfiber cloth in order to rub or remove any stains you might have. If the stain is due to dust, debris, or simply mold building up after years of use, apply gentle rotational motion in order to bring it back to pristine condition.

Since you are simply using Lukewarm water, keep in mind that both aniline and pigmented leather won’t be affected as much, as long as you apply gentle force. 

Be mindful of the creases because you may otherwise ruin the inseam or even produce microtears which is the last thing you would want especially if the recliner is expensive, which most cases, usually is.

2. Vacuuming Time

For our instance, a vacuum is considered quite pivotal for cleaning because it will certainly help you remove debris and other forms of unnecessary build-up bits which are hard to reach. Moreover, the suction force would also entangle any substance that is hard to remove from the fabric of your recliner.

To make the whole process even more efficient, try using different accessory heads to get the job done. 

3. Condition It

If you have oil-based stains or are simply dealing with spillage of liquids on your recliner, using a leather cleaning conditioner such as Lexol, Bickmore, Cadillac or TriNova can not only remove smudges, splatters, and blemishes but also acts as a way to restore it back to immaculate condition.

Furthermore, premium grade conditioners are also designed to bring back the luster and shine to your leather recliner and will no doubt make it look like it’s brand new as it will certainly reverse the premature aging on its fabric to the point that it’s no longer cracking or drying out.

4. Wipe it Dry

Now it’s time to wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth or simply let it rest under ambient temperature. And never let it dry under sunlight or use an Air dryer because it can potentially harm, crack, or even melt its fabric to the point it’s ruined and beyond recoverable.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that Cleaning a leather recliner is quite a waiting game and requires a lot of patience and determination and you don’t want to skip or ignore any bits of advice I have mentioned above, otherwise, you will risk ruining your recliner.

I hope you have found this article fruitful and acknowledged the fact on how to clean a leather recliner, by yourself. 

Thank you for stopping by, stay tuned for more articles like these.

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