How To Manually Recline An Electric Recliner? – 4 Steps To Know

Regular Recliners are better known for human beings’ personal space for relaxing, stretching, or unwinding after a long day of getting the best out of one’s body.

Despite the fact they were known for being one of the best and most innovative homeware anyone can have in their living room, an Electrical recliner easily superseded them when it came to being the epitome of comfort.

However, being considerably complex in nature with a multitude of perplexing inner mechanisms integrated into them that requires a constant flow of electricity, any chance of power outage or any other circuitry malfunction causing their work mechanism, simply ceases to exist.

In other words, you are forced to recline or use any other major mobility aspect of your Electrical recliner manually, which is no easy feat to achieve especially if you aren’t familiar with its workflow.

Nevertheless, here are a couple of steps you can follow on how to manually recline an electric recliner.

Steps On How To Manually Recline An Electric Recliner?

As trivial as some of these steps may sound, nonetheless, you shouldn’t ignore it to ensure you don’t inadvertently make the situation worse than it is.

1. Electrical Hazard 101: Cut The power

Even though this step is quite the textbook knowledge, plenty of individuals still fail to follow it and that is why I emphasize it a lot because the last thing you would want while digging your way inside the mechanism of an electrical recliner is getting electrocuted.

So make sure you locate the power cord which will be located conveniently at the back of the chair and attach the recliner power supply, unplug it and you are all set.

2. Finding The Backup Batteries

You should acknowledge the fact that not all electrical recliners are made equally and some even include backup or spare batteries which are powerful enough to act as a potential threat if you are working with barebones motors or wiring.

In best-case scenarios, locating its backup batteries which are usually integrated into the control box tends to save you the hassle of manually moving your recliner bits, however, if this approach fails, you can still remove the battery before proceeding to the pivotal step mentioned below.

3. Getting Down & Dirty

Regardless of the model or variant of an Electrical Recliner you own, as long as it is dependent on motors and requires it to do its labor while performing reclining functions, there will always be a manual override button available.

Typically, a manual override button or a flip switch is concealed to prevent consumers from accidentally enabling them, however, if you want your recliner to manually recline, you can find it beneath the seat which is usually covered in some form of upholstery.

In order to determine the manual override’s correct location without making a mess, you can consult the instruction manual or simply look up its model on its official website which will sort you out.

4. Manually Reclining 

After you have located the switch and enabled it, your electrical recliner will behave in a way that is similar to a standard recliner, allowing you to adjust its footrest, swiveling function, tilting, and even its backrest.

Be mindful of the fact that since it is in manual override, it may or may not have any form of protection or precautionary countermeasure, so once you are done manually tuning the axis of your “pseudo Electrical recliner” you can simply disable the manual override button or switch.

A Couple Of Factors To Keep In Mind

Here are a couple of things that you should always be mindful of regardless of your approach or the type of variant you are dealing with.

1. Different Stroke For Different Folks

As aforementioned, not every electrical recliner is made alike, which is why, once the manual override or security lever is toggled, you may still require some form of tools which includes but are not limited to a Phillips Screwdriver or a Pair of Pliers.

These are used to operate the turntables of the motors especially those located in the footrest effectively, which may otherwise, may not be easy to perform manually by hand.

2. Grease It Until You Make It

It is evident that most of its inner mechanism is usually concealed, however, some crucial points such as pivots, tracks, rollers, motors as well as springs should be greased and checked in case any unnecessary debris or build-up may be clogging it, making it harder to recline than its needs to be.

Whether your recliner electrically through remote control or using your hand for manual operation, clogged or congested pivotal points can drastically reduce its mobility to the point it is nearly impossible to move.

Make sure you lubricate liberally to keep your recliner in pristine condition.

Bottom Line

Be mindful of the fact that the above-mentioned methods or workaround should be only followed in dire circumstances or desperation such as fiascos including power outages or hardware malfunctions.

Never in any scenario, resort to manually reclining an electric recliner if it’s already in pristine or ideal condition because you can possibly do more harm than good and even potentially void any warranty or become ineligible to any customer care support during the process.

Make sure you always prioritize your safety before proceeding with the steps mentioned in this article regarding How To Manually Recline An Electric Recliner and if you aren’t confident in your abilities to properly diagnose and follow such methodologies, reach out to a professional to sort you out.

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