7 Tested Best Recliners For Big And Tall [2024 List]

Large stature and plus-sized anatomy bring out the best in a person, especially if they are looking for something that they can unwind on and take the steam off.

Finding a recliner that is appropriate for your size is virtually closer to impossible since most of these are made to accommodate individuals’ size and height based on data provided through average estimation from the demographics chart of a region.

However, being a self-proclaimed expert in this field, I took it upon myself to find the best recliner for Big And Tall that is tailored to meet the hunk of stature you may have, even though achieving this feat was no walk in the park.

After hours of research and going back and forth by carefully considering the key factors such as size, weight capacity, and materials used in this recliner, I compiled a compendium that could easily suit your needs.

So feel free to wander around and even read my experience bundled with this list while you are at it and consider my review as a gesture of goodwill.

7 Tested Best Recliners For Big And Tall

Let’s begin.

1. MCombo Large Electric Power Lift Recliner for Big And Tall

Our first pick on the list is built like a tank and spacious enough to accommodate almost anyone, regardless of age or height.

Commodious Beyond Belief

When I mentioned above that this recliner is built like a tank, I wasn’t just talking about its integrity but the fact of how generously spaced it is in every nook and cranny.

Allowing up to two little children to watch their favorite YouTuber or an Adult that is 6 ft tall to catch up on their football game.

The voluptuous seat size certainly mesmerize anyone that lays their eyes on it and the fact that it could easily cradle your body while sleeping on it while laying flat, better than your ordinary bed, is quite commendable and something that is rarely achieved unless and until recliners boast similar or higher dimensions.

To give you a broader perspective, the length of the seat measures approximately 44.1 inches and has a width of 33.9 inches.

I wouldn’t worry about the depth of the seat either, as it could easily make even a 5.8 ft adult feel like they are sitting on a medieval throne since it has a depth of 39.4 inches, which is why I have termed this recliner chairs as best recliner for big and tall recliners.

Seat height Customization

After my review, I am sure that you might be a bit perplexed considering the towering height this recliner boasts, which you might think may require a bit of effort to get into and outside of its enclosure.

But fret not; it’s no ordinary recliner; in fact, it has specialized TUV actuators that lower or raise the seat to easily accommodate the length of your body so you can seamlessly cradle or take off from this Chesterfield and feel like a king without straining your body.

The cherry on top? Well, since this recliner is marketed as a “tall edition, the armrests are modified to reach an additional length of 4.7 inches, giving your broad limbs some headroom to wiggle around while you stretch on it.

  • Lofty Physical Dimensions
  • Easy to clean
  • Amazing Ergonomics
  • Has TuV Lifting
  • Lacks Massaging Functionality

2. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair 

Paying top dollar also means you get to enjoy the best of the best available in the market right now. The Canmov Power recliner provided me with a beautiful experience, and it feels like an honor to share it with my beloved readers.

Overstuffed & Cuddled Up

At this point, I wouldn’t even call it a recliner since it has such ultra-thick padding. When my body cradled into this oasis of comfort, it felt like I was sitting on a life-sized marshmallow.

In other words, it’s thick and generously padded from top to bottom, and there is barely any place left where you wouldn’t be able to take a nap. 

The protruding on the padding of the seat offers a lovely pattern to accommodate your spinal regions, all while improving your body posture, so not only will you indulge in the most wholesome slumber of your life, but over years of use, your body posture will also improve tenfold.

The ultimate relaxation experience in every reclining position it provides is truly mindblowing and is way better than another manual recliner I have used in the past.

Tall & Substantial

Being a 6.2ft individual myself, I tend to develop aches in my upper spine, especially if the headrest isn’t too wide for my body.

However, after I got my hands on this beauty, it made a world of a difference that I hadn’t imagined before and even acted as an eye opener to the fact of how appropriately sized recliners can revolutionize the comfort level of a person.

In other words, the width of the seat is 21.6 inches while having an eye-popping depth of 22.5 inches. The seat of this humongous recliner isn’t a slouch either, in fact, it’s among one of the biggest I have seen reaching lengths of 26 inches, respectively.

Skid Proof Upholstery

Moving onto my experience regarding its fabric quality, I would say it’s top-notch since the elasticity of the upholstery feels very supple and tender to the touch, especially when placing arms on its armrests.

The fabric is also treated with anti-felting technology to ensure it stays intact throughout the years of use.

Furthermore, it also boasts sturdy construction while maintaining ultimate comfort level, so even if you are an individual that is plus-sized, you won’t exceed its high weight capacity as this recliner is termed a “big man recliner” for a reason.

  • Reasonable Price Tag
  • Has Anti Skid Fabric
  • Breathable Backrest
  • Decent Ergonomics
  • Sturdy & Resilient
  • Side Pockets are considerably smaller

3. Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair

Next in the line is a herculean Chesterfield, which has remarkable capabilities that even blew my mind, considering how many recliners I have reviewed in the past.

Efficient Motor Function

The recliner uses not just one but two Okin motors, which work independently and help you lower or raise the chair as well as the footrest. Fantastic, right?

Since it’s an electrically controlled recliner, you can quickly push a button and let each part of the recline orient towards an assigned angle in a matter of seconds.

In fact, for big people, it offers tons of features to help you rest easy without having to worry about dimensions or exceeding weight capacity; the luxury and ultimate relaxation experience it provides is outstanding.

No need to fiddle around with manual controls or levers, it’s about time that you embrace the future and bask in the awesomeness of the Okin Motors which works round the clock while virtually making no sound.

To top it off, the base of the seat also has a lifting mechanism that steadily pushes the seat upwards or downwards so it can cradle your body with minimal effort.

Bigger Is Better

That’s right. The pride of this recliner is its enormous height and roomy seat, which are easy enough to accommodate your height even if you are a 6.5-foot-tall hunk.

With a backrest height of 43.3 inches and a seat width of 23.2 inches, you can stretch, wiggle, or even jolt around to any angle and even munch on popcorn while watching your favorite thriller movie without feeling constrained or congested for a whole day.

Tough As Nails

Almost no part of this behemoth of beauty includes any plastic materials or anything that screams “cheap” at all; in fact, it’s designed to operate while having maximum integrity even after a decade of use.

In fact, there is a multitude of warranty assurances that back the recliner up to 3 years, which means you can use this recliner as your personal comfort zone as long as you don’t exceed the weight limit of 300 lbs.

  • Modern Aesthetics
  • Outstanding Fabric Quality
  • Easy to Clean
  • Superb Heating Mechanism
  • Perfect for taller individuals
  • Lacks Cup Holders

4. Living Room Recliner Chair for Big And Tall

Obviously, my list of the best recliners for big and tall wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t decide to throw in a formidable contender that also happens to be extremely budget-friendly.

Elegant & Fashionable 

Are you a creative freak who wants a glimmering Chesterfield in your living room that might act as a head-turner for your neighbors and give your home a surprise visit? Well, consider yourself lucky because this recliner is exactly what you were looking for.

It’s not just tall enough to suit your anatomical needs, but it also has a charming nubility due to its glossy and streamlined blueprint, which makes your investment worthwhile.

The best part is it also has a keen price tag, so it’s hard to ignore a recliner even if it happens to have some form of caveat, which, in my opinion, is little to none once you decide to keep on reading this review.

Modular & Straightforward

Reading the instruction manual is virtually a breeze because it doesn’t put you in a position that will induce anxiety as you are constructing this recliner from scratch.

As a matter of fact, it barely took me 5 minutes after unboxing, and this bad boy was up and functional to accommodate my tired and worn-out body with open arms.

However, I have to be honest here that I was a little bit skeptical about its plastic legs, but after testing it out for a couple of days, I found that it held my weight just fine without making any squeaking noise.

Physical Specifications

I was mesmerized by its sleek and modern design so much that I nearly forgot to measure its physical dimensions. However, after hours of testing out every nook and cranny, I took the liberty to pick my measuring tape to check for its physical specifications.

In simpler yet technical terms, the length of the seat is approximately 39 inches, tall enough to accommodate a 6 ft person without breaking a sweat. To allow wiggle room for those long and strenuous days the width measures around 24 inches, so even if you are a plus-sized individual you won’t feel constrained at all.

  • Extremely Budget Friendly
  • Simple Design
  • Tons Of Color Scheme to Choose from
  • Large & Commodious
  • Bulky

5. Seatcraft Julius – Big & Tall

It’s tall, comprehensive, and strong enough to carry weight up to 400 lbs, providing a home theater experience your mind and soul always craved.

Top-of-the-line Fabric

Before we dive into its technicalities, let me give you a tour regarding its top-grain premium leather which will mesmerize anyone that touches it, however, only the lucky few that have a flexible budget could experience such goodness, since this wonder of magnificence comes with a hefty price tag.

However, I believe the price it is listed for is justified since the leather it has is made from the top 30% of superior-grade cowhides to withstand the test of time without compromising its integrity.

After thoroughly spending hours on this recliner, it’s safe for me to assume it boasts high-quality leather with exceptional stylish stitching that offers unparalleled comfort, which is exactly the kind of perfect blend of decor I was looking for in my own home.

Secret Storage Space

There is more than what meets the eye here, though; as a matter of fact, the armrests can be fully unlocked to reveal hidden storage for your super secret items or precious belongings, keeping them secure in a safe and sound place, preventing pesky hands from getting onto it.

I have to admit that the brainstorming invested in this recliner is genuinely ahead of its time, and that is why it feels so innovative. Such attributes are rarely seen even in flagship recliners at similar price tags.

Illuminated Footrest & Cup Holders

If that doesn’t blow your mind, wait till you read about the fact that this recliner also has a luxurious blue illumination right across its footrest and cup holder, making it extremely easy to use the utilities of this recliner even in the dark.

All in all, after a couple of usages at my home, the recliner provides an authentic home theater experience, and sitting on it feels like I am driving around in the back of a limousine; as a matter of fact, its specifically designed, cozy and spacious, instantly makes me forget about all the worries of the world.

  • Has illuminated Footrest
  • Even Has Swiveling Tables
  • Hidden Storage Under Armrests
  • Exquisite Leather Fabric
  • Huge & Perfect For Taller Individuals
  • Hefty Price Tag

6. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliners

A perfect choice for those that are either above 6 feet or have a weight exceeding 250 lbs; however, the catch here is this bad boy is quite bulky and might require you to put an effort into relocating its position.

Physical Size

It truly baffled me when this humongous homeware got shipped to my house, at first glance I was pretty skeptical about its assembling process but after building a little bit of courage, I was able to put it together, piece by piece, in under an hour.

The instruction manual required moderate levels of brainstorming, which is nothing too overwhelming for those who have average skills with these sorts of recliners.

Nonetheless, once everything was packed and loaded, this enormous beast stood tall and solid in front of me, measuring up to 40.9 inches in height with a seat width of 33.5 inches.

In other words, it’s big enough to accommodate my body which measures 6.2 feet, without congesting my blood circulation regardless of the angle I am sitting on it.

TUV Certified Actuators

Even boasting such enormous physical size, I still don’t consider that its most robust selling; in fact, it would be its amazing, top of the line TUV certified actuators that propel the seat with a push of a button; no need to rotate those annoying levers, now you could lift the seat, matching your body size and let the recliner do all the physical labor for yours.

The inclusion of such cutting-edge technologies certainly makes me excited, as it feels like going on a joyride, and it’s so refreshing and revolutionary for me.

  • Extremely Spacious
  • Wider Armrest
  • Decent Lumbar Support
  • Even has Side Pockets
  • Limited Color Schemes

7. ANJ Large Big And Tall Power Lift Recliner

Buckle up because we are going for a ride with the ANJ large Power recliner, which provides an unprecedented experience that even money can’t buy.

Timeless Design

Consider your endeavors for the best recliner for big and tall ends because this recliner will make you feel like a king sitting on his throne. 

It boasts shiny, luxurious fabric, which is easy to clean, and has a highly breathable finish, enabling a perfect comfort zone for every vital part of your body without congesting it.

Personally, I am a massive fan of its practical design and brown leather faux looks; it’s exquisite and puts the rivalry to mud just with its sober looks.

The design alone makes the recliner so versatile that you could literally place it anywhere, whether it’s your office or your living room, and it won’t disturb the ambiance but rather invigorate it and make you feel like an absolute boss.

USB ports

Is the smartphone battery running when you need it the most but feel lazy enough to reach out to the electrical outlet? Well, fret not, because now, with this recliner, you can literally top up your smart devices without moving a muscle since it has USB ports located at arm’s length.

These ports are covalently placed to quench your desire to plug in your wireless headphones, smartphones, or tablet and top it up whenever you are catching a break from long days of work.

  • Solid Framework
  • 350lb weight Limit
  • Decent Padding
  • Has USB ports
  • Takes a while to assemble

Bottom Line

Being plus-sized or taller in height amongst your peers doesn’t mean you have to be discriminated against for your anatomical structure.

In fact, you should always embrace who you are, and in order to fortify that thought in your mind, I have curated this list of the best recliners for big and tall so you can easily relax and unwind after a long day of work and embark in the most pleasurable experience of your life.

That being said, it has been an honor serving my beloved readers; stay tuned for more articles like these.

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