7 Best Recliners For Short Heavy Person (300- 600lb)

One of the biggest challenges an individual has to face whilst being obese or plus-sized is finding appropriate-sized homeware.

Considering the fact that there is a lackluster concentration of stereotypical recliners sized just for an average person, it feels exceptionally relegating to get your hands on something that suits your stature.

But don’t let that push you to the point that you abandon hopes that might further impact your life, especially when it’s time to relax.

Because, fortunately, just like human beings, recliners also happen to come in variable sizes, but the bigger and taller ones happen to eventuate a bit away from the common eye, making it a rough endeavor to find.

Nevertheless, no challenge is too steep, no dream too big, and that is why after days of researching and delving into the valleys of the internet, I have finally found the Best Recliner For Short Heavy People that could accommodate individuals exceeding 300 lbs.

7 Premium Best Recliners For Short Heavy Person

Let’s begin with the list.

1. Signature Design by Ashley Ballister Contemporary Short Heavy Person Recliner

It is a graceful choice for those “Big & Beautiful” human beings who are in dire need of a recliner that won’t compromise on its integrity.

Physical Dimensions

There is no denying the fact that once this epitome of comfort got shipped to my house, I was left in awe, and I have to be honest here: it took me quite an effort to relocate it to my house since the overall weight of the recliner is 146 pounds, making me wish I hit the gym more often than usual since it’s so heavy.

Nevertheless, I also did not overlook its huge and commodious physical dimensions, which explain the bulky form factor.

To give you a broader perspective on its physical dimensions, after grabbing my tape, I was perplexed by how spacious this thing is.

In technical terms, the depth of the seat is 41 inches, and it has a height of 43 inches, so even if you are a 6-foot-tall hunk, you won’t feel constrained or congested. 

The width of the recliner isn’t that bad either; as a matter of fact, after carefully measuring my tape, it peaked up 36 inches in width.

Considering the fact of how the armrests are, you could wiggle or slouch on any angle for hours and won’t have your blood circulation congested.

Heavy Duty Mechanism

Under the hood, it also happens to be armed with a robust four motor system, which provides heavy-duty performance while lifting up the weight of the recliner as well as the person sitting on it.

Although the manufacturer claims it has a threshold of 300 lbs, I believe, in terms of overall quality and framework sturdiness, it could go up to 400 lbs without breaking a sweat since it’s designed to do some heavy-duty lifting like a champ.

  • Very Cozy & Spacious
  • Has 4 Motor System
  • Single Button Operation
  • Considerably Bulky

2. Best Choice Electric Power Lift Recliner for Short Heavy Person 

Feeling cramped up? An old recliner or sofa has given up on you due to the manufacturer not living up to its claim. If your answer is affirmative action, you might want to give this recliner a glance, and it will make your time and money worth it.

Cozy & Soothing Fabric recliner

I don’t like to showboat, but this recliner honestly had me head over heels with all of its bells and whistles, such as the top-of-the-line heating radiator that provides gentle but steady heat to your vital organs concealed at the back of the backrest.

The best part is there are no dangling wires or anything else protruding that might affect your leisure time, and with a push of a button, you are all set for a lovely basking experience as if you are enjoying the soothing rays of summer sun.

The radiation also helps you regulate your body temperature to favorable levels, all while drastically enhancing the soothing and comfort level tenfold, especially on those cold chilly nights of December.

Cup Holders & Side Pockets

Speaking of having the best leisure time of your life, now you can enjoy a hot cup of chocolate milk or coffee while binge-watching TV series on Amazon Prime without having a single worry in the world.

And if things get too intense while watching the horror movie with your loved ones, pop your beverage in the mug holder, eliminating the need to balance it out when you are invested in the jumpscares of the thriller you are watching.

Meanwhile, the integrated super spacious side pockets cover all your precious belongings, such as wallet, keys, novel, you name it, in one secure spot.

No longer do you have to pry under cushions to find your car keys, as they will be in a safe spot, waiting for you to grab them whenever it’s time for some action?

  • Gentle Warming Module
  • Fantastic Massaging output
  • Very Soft Cushioning
  • Has Dual Cup holders
  • Side Pockets are small

3. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Faux

Stylish and comfortable, next in the line is a Designer recliner, which may cost you an arm and limb; however, in my opinion, it’s pretty justified if you are willing to invest in perfection.

Versatile Homeware

Keep it in your office or your living room; there is no hard and fast rule for this recliner, considering the fact that it boasts sober aesthetics, allowing it to blend in any ambiance without popping out like a sore thumb.

Fortunately for me, my master bedroom also had the same aesthetics, so it barely took me a minute to decide where I should keep it since it was a petite recliner.

It’s also worth noting that even though the overall aesthetics are pretty unique and no doubt commendable, the lack of color schemes might be frowned upon by some individuals who want to integrate it into their house decor.

Nonetheless, being an aficionado for recliners who love their homeware, I want to blend in like a chameleon to introduce a sense of discipline and enhance the aurora of the room that this recliner is placed in.

Remote Controlled Configuration

Thank God the remote controller that comes with this recliner also has a wire attached to it. Otherwise, it’s so tiny I would have easily lost it in between the cushioning of this recliner itself.

But don’t let the size fool you; in fact, it offers four different buttons, each assigned to control the footrest and backrest or the position of the chair.

When I gained weight, I used to have bad knees, especially when sitting on sofas that took a toll on my blood circulation system, but subsequently, taking advantage of the controllable footrest of this recliner positively impacted my life, which I never knew was possible.

  • Sleek & Stylish Design
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Firm Cushioning
  • Very Limited Color Schemes

4. Dynox Sleeping Lift Chair Recliner for Short, Heavy Person

If you have scrolled to this point of the article, it’s safe for me to assume that you have found the correct “comfort-inducing furniture” that may accommodate your weight. Henceforth, allow me to throw in a heavy-duty recliner on this list, all while having a justifiable price tag.

Independent Motor Control

Using this recliner, feel like you are driving a brand new limousine; almost every aspect boasts mind-boggling aesthetics, and let’s not forget about its cutting-edge dual Motor control system, which is irrespective of each other.

You can independently control both the recliner and footrest and customize its position to any angle you see fit, allowing you to achieve a relaxed position for pain relief.

It’s quite understandable that not everyone rocks a “Stereotypical Average body,” which is why it is extremely hard to find a recliner that has a customizable backrest and footrest so you can attain the best possible experience.

Sturdy & Resilient

The fact that its framework is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) makes the overall structure extremely lightweight but don’t let that fool you into thinking it might not be up to the job, especially for obese or plus-sized individuals.

Since it could easily hold up to 350 lbs of weight, and even if you do push the limits, the recliner in itself barely shows any signs of struggle, which subsequently concludes the fact that its extraordinary design is worth an investment.

Easy To Clean Fabric

Another bit I really love about this recliner is its ability to stay in pristine condition without requiring tons of mental gymnastics in order to make it squeaky clean.

With a simple dab of damp cloth, even a child could remove pesky stains that may have otherwise been hard to remove on a traditional sofa or Chesterfield.

Ideal for Shorter Individuals

On the flip side, getting in and out of this throne is like a walk in the park for those individuals who are considerably short and often struggle with recliners that make their legs cramped up as the seat dimensions are way too high, which eventually causes discomfort.

As per the manufacturer’s claim, it’s a small edition recliner; however, as per my calculation and measurement, it has an overall height of 41 inches, with the depth of the seat being 36 inches, so if you are anywhere around 5-5.5 ft, you won’t be dealing with any dimension related issues, that for sure.

In other words, regardless of the body type or body size you may have, through its top-tier lumbar support, it offers adequate support, which is why every physical therapist considers it a good recliner at a justifiable price tag.

  • Extraordinary Build Quality
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Dual Motor Mechanism
  • Thinner padding on Footrest

5. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver

In my opinion, the Lane Home Recliner passes every evaluation test with flying colors and takes home the crown it explicitly deserves. Here are a couple of key points I have concluded after attaining some firsthand experience with it.

Heavy Duty 

It’s built like a tank, and there is absolutely no objection to it whatsoever since it offers a jaw-dropping weight capacity of 500 lbs, easily surpassing any competition without breaking a sweat.

Its no-nonsense approach towards catering to individuals who are both short and heavy, weighing from 300-500 lbs, makes it highly ideal for overweight individuals who are struggling to find a recliner and want to sleep or simply watch their favorite TV shows.

Build Quality

Obviously, in order to provide the level of best integrity and live up to its promise, the framework of the recliner is made from top-tier metal alloy to ensure ample support, especially by incorporating numerous springs underneath the upholstery, so the tensile strength of the seat remains uniform regardless of the weight loaded up on it.

Upholstery Type

The price tag of this thing might be a little steep for typical users, but the convenience it provides is truly remarkable especially if you consider the fact that the upholstery itself is made from premium-grade leather which has been treated to withstand harsh levels of wear & tear with ease.

Keep in mind that the fabric and padding levels of this recliner are way too dense and can be easily categorized as firm and supple, which means as long as you are an overweight individual, you won’t have any problems regarding comfortability.

Otherwise, any person below the average weight capacity of this recliner might feel a little discomfort since the fabric and the frame are designed to compensate for higher levels of weight pressure and keep your spine happy.

  • Ideal for Short & overweight individuals
  • Firm Fabric
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Vintage Aesthetics
  • Expensive

6. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

The Mcombo Electric Recliner is our honorable mention on the list for all the right reasons; here are a couple of crucial findings I attained during my long-term experience with it.

Well Cushioned

It’s plushy and has a significant amount of padding all across its backrest, footrest, and even armrest, which also happens to be rounded in shape so you can easily place your arms or shoulders without feeling discomfort.

It’s a perfect substitute for a traditional bed, considering the fact that you can literally nap on it for a couple of hours without feeling congested since the upholstery is so soft that it feels like you are laying a piece of marshmallow.

My favorite bit about the Mcombo electric recliner is its super soft backrest, which has a breathable form factor to prevent sweating build, especially during those long gaming sessions with your buddies.

I have to be honest here: it’s been months since this recliner laid its foundation in my bedroom, and not a day goes by that I don’t use it as my daily driver, and I have yet to see any fabric-related issues.

Low Profile Actuators

Being obese takes a toll on your body as the stress and strain on the joints are more excellent than usual. Regardless of your body weight, the recliner is designed to not only provide comfort but also carefully manage stress through its intelligent actuator motors.

The logic behind these electric-controlled motors is simple: they operate through a single-button configuration and lift the seat up to a standing height.

This highly assists individuals who are overweight with bad knees or spinal issues, as the stress is diverted towards the actuators, allowing seamless use.

Furthermore, seat-lowering capabilities make it easy for short individuals who don’t want their feet to dangle around, which might increase the chances of edema due to poor blood circulation.

If you have weaker back muscles and want to correct spine position and don’t want to spend extra cash on other brands that might be too expensive, consider investing in this recliner as it provide adequate support for your body type even if you are a short heavy person.

  • Outstanding weight Capacity
  • Very Sturdy
  • Amazing Fabric Quality
  • Not a Budget-Friendly Pick

7. Christopher Knight Home Laurent Swivel Power Heavy Person Recliner

Looking for something durable yet fashionable at the same time? Well, the Christopher Knight recliner can be yours after committing to its justifiable price tag. Still not convinced? Read my review, and you might have a change of heart.

Spacious & Comfy

Rocking a super soft faux leather, the Christopher is a monumental pick for anyone who demands leisure over anything else.

The modern aesthetics complements its overall design and makes it optimal for almost any setting it is kept in since it’s so versatile.

Swiveling Base

My favorite bit about this recliner is its buttery smooth swiveling base, which has a matt black finish that also happens to match the grayish upholstery of the recliner exceptionally well.

Unlike other recliners, which tend to give up under immense weight and even make squeaking sounds, the Christopher recliner, on the other hand, held its ground after months of use.

It’s a perfect substitute for your ordinary sofa you would instead use while watching TV or gossiping with your loved one, especially if you consider the fact that it offers immense value.

Easy Assembling

That’s not it yet; right off the bat, the recliner comes with all the required bells and whistles, so you don’t have to get special tools to get the job done. However, I do admit that it took me around 40 minutes to put it together, but once you figure it out, putting it together right from scratch is a piece of cake.

  • Stylish & Cozy
  • Premium Upholstery
  • Has an Amazing Swiveling Base
  • Considerably heavier

In Conclusion

Depending on your weight threshold, ranging from 300-600 lbs, the recliners curated above would provide an outstanding price-to-value ratio with a satisfactory comfort level; however, make sure you carefully read my reviews, which are based on extensive research and experience combined, in order to form a judgment, as otherwise, your investment is pretty much in vain.

Keep in mind, being an article based on Best Recliner For Short Heavy Person (300lb 400lb 500 lb, And 600lb), there is a higher probability that it will be subjected to alteration, indefinitely.

So it’s in your best interest that you regularly visit this site or bookmark this article to keep yourself updated with upcoming trends regarding this topic.

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